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In spring 2018 I founded NOYA Chorus in Berlin, a non-professional choir to perform some of my vocal works and delevelop a new kind of choral concerts.
Petra Koerdt, a professional mezzo-soprano singer, joined that choir as she wanted to be along for the ride hoping "for a relaxed singing with some pleasant people". One day she asked me wether we could sing my music with some professional singers as well. I agreed as I had planned the same. We imagined a small group of 8 to 10 voices, a little family. I should be called The NOYA Ensemble.
Well, it took almost one year to get a mounting stable constellation of singers and voices: Dorota Bronikowska and Luise Bestehorn (sopranos), Petra Koerdt (mezzo) and Isabel Felgenhauer (alto) on the women's side. Four men joined us to complete the octet: Thomas Kalka and Mathias Eger (tenors), Caspar James and Alexander Lust (basses).

After six concerts in Berlin and Potsdam and given an increasing audience we decided to rehearse more intensely on a regulary basis. But in just that moment the Corona virus occurred and spread and forced us to a complete standstill.

Fortunately we had recorded some little pieces as a demo some weeks ago, so that I decided to collect them for an EP to have a little star on heaven for all of us guiding us through these times of distance.

If you want to read something about the content of the EP or want to listen to some of the tracks, click on the cover to get to the album's page. Enjoy the beautiful voices of The NOYA Ensemble!



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