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This album has a long history, as I wrote some of the tunes already in schooltime, others as a student. In autumn 2006 my brother became father of his first daughter, and I decided to record some of those tunes as lullabies using a software piano. I gifted them to the parents as well as to other family members.
Though they all liked the music and its atmosphere and ordered a lot of copies to gift them to their friends in turn, I disliked the sound of the recording somehow. I found it too clean; gentil, but unbroken in a way. A record label in Cologne offered me to publish the album, but in the end I bottled it up.

About 12 years later I began to play some of the tunes in concerts and noticed that the music touched me in the same way it did then and the audience loved the pieces as well. In the meantime I had found new ways of arranging my recordings as I tried to get as close to the instruments and the surrounding atmosphere as possible to get the most intimate sound out of it, a noisy sound coming from the material and the mechanics of the instruments and the rooms I played them in.

So I decided to record all the melodies again playing them in my studio on my prepared acoustic piano. I tried to play them as simple as possible to let only the tunes speak for themselves. Sometimes the piano stool cracked, you can hear my scrooping clothes and I think once even my swallowing ...



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