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Lyhrus@OSTERIA / New photos by Bernd Blome

Lyhrus @ Osteriaphoto © Bernd Blome

I was pretty nervous before and during the concert at the OSTERIA on last Saturday, because I played five pieces I never performed before (among them the new presto, see the previous video). After the concert I talked to some people in the audience and they agreed to what my sisters told me about that piece: that it sounded to her like a little sparkling streamlet which however grows up to a river. So in the end I called the piece 'Rivulet'.

Bernd Blome, a fine photographer, whom I got to know in NOYA Theater of sound and who is actually my neighbour, too, came and shot some very beautiful photos. I use them on almost every page of my website, so I hope you like them as much as I do.



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