Though this wide-spanned melody always had been floating somehow and therefore I thought it should be arranged rather softly, the song drifted somewhere else during the working process.

Quite early that grand organ at the end appeared, and I like it because it seems to tell us the story of how this love began.
But suddenly in the second verse a powerful counterpoint forced an entrance, obviously to be played marcato by a large section of cellos and double basses. And they in turn brought along some mighty drum sounds and all of a sudden I found myself within scoring some kind of a rock song!
Dorota laughed out loud hearing that and though she was full of respect, both of us struggeled with the result as it seemed to abandon the misery of the lyrics.

But – is it actually misery?

The music began to tell me something new: Isn't the song about a woman's pride and about her heroic view of love? If the man treats her his poor refusing way, she remains standing in respect for herself and for her feelings.

So the music gave me a new reading of my own lyrics, and in the end I accepted it (with some small changings that made the second verse more spanning a bridge between the first verse and the church organ coda.


The video marks the first collaboration with Alexander Lust, who is a member of my NOYA Ensemble (like Dorota) and a close friend of both of us.

He already filmed some little parts of former NOYA Ensemble trailers. But this time it became a real project – in two parts: the first part is what you can see in "Behind the glass", but we filmed a second part the same day at another location. And this is to be published in a few weeks!

But for today enjoy "Behind the glass" – may it raise your feelings.


»Melody is king. And don't you ever forget it.« 

We all know that this word by Qunicy Jones, legendary Jazz musician and long-term producer of Michael Jackson, is true. No rhyhtm, no sound, no marketing campaign can replace the huge power of a catchy tune, a deep felt and elaborated melody.

We all know this at heart, wether we are musicians or part of the audience. When former success of artists comes to nothing, it's not caused by reasons of fashion, of musician's age, of bad marketing campaigns. It is caused by the lack of melodies that enchant us, touch us, make us cry, sing along, and dance.

To search for and to find the finest melody has been the inmost longing throughout my life. It is a purpose that makes me extremely vulnerable, and often desperate. But at the end of the day, I'm suffused by gratitude and love.

So I hope I may be successful in touching you with my melodies, too.
I work every single day for it and would be glad if you would like to join me on this way.



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