Mainly due to the increasing pandemic case counts we're forced to cancel the upcoming concerts ›Vespertine Blooms‹ (20th November) and ›Melophilia‹ (25th November). The latter should have been part of the opening event of the new OSTERIA-series which will be postponed to spring 2022.
Stay tuned and healthy.


First performance of ›Melophilia‹photo © Detlef Stein

On 29th October I premiere played my new solo programme ›Melophilia‹ at the Unpluggedival Local Festival Berlin. Thanks to the Team at Zimmer16 who supported me warmly. I enjoyed the concert and I think the audience did it as well, we had some nice conversations afterwards on the instruments, the music, the lighting ...
I'm going to continue the programme on 25th November at the new Osteria-series in Berlin.


The Lyhrus Ensemble is currently looking for a good Berlin based bass singer. If you want to join us, please write an email to Alexander, the other bass: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We're looking forward to you!


Noya ensemble becomes Lyhrus ensemble


To get things concerning the public more simple and clear, the NOYA Ensemble – which I founded in 2018 in Berlin – alters its name into THE LYHRUS ENSEMBLE. Emotionally it is not easy to do so because we all loved the old name. But as we get known and linked more and more things have become increasingly complicated. To say goodbye to the former name, we’re going to reissue some of the best videos of the NOYA Ensemble in the upcoming days on YouTube. So stay tuned.


In October and November 2020 one of the most beautiful yet unknown places in Berlin saw The NOYA Ensemble and me acting together in some scenes about what I would call "the path of life". We watch a wanderer on his way. He seems to be alone, but he joins people. Some of them ignore him, some them help him, some of them try to stay with him ...

For me it is a song about the power, the beauty, and the singularity of life in the face of death.
I love the enchanting sound of the NOYA Ensemble's singers and I hope you enjoy their music as well as I do.



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