Wabi Sabi in my music

In Japan's culture exists an aesthetic value called Wabi-Sabi, which refers to a certain loneliness in nature, a sadness about the impermanence of things (Wabi) and to their minor details, their imperfection and incompleteness (Sabi).

It's about being surrounded by rooms with rough walls, with just a few objects in it. Those objects are not new, not polished, not symmetric to please the guest's eyes. On the contrary they are simple, earthy, irregular, withered.

Wabi-Sabi is about intimacy, it's about coming very close to things to perceive how they look, how they feel, how they smell – and how they sound.

I'm attracted by this philosophy which is also an artistic path for me. I need to dive into sound, being enveloped by the sound of the instruments, of the room. I don't want to feel distracted, I want to become focussed. Some of my music I publish as part of an edition I call ›The Contemplative Records‹.
As perfection is not a value here, that philosophy is a way of letting things come into being. And a way of letting them pass away again. It's a path of melancholy, of hope, and of activity.

I would be glad if you would like to join me on this path. Let me invite you with my music.

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