In search for the finest melody

»Melody is king. And don't you ever forget it.« 

We all know that this word by Qunicy Jones, legendary Jazz musician and long-term producer of Michael Jackson, is true. No rhyhtm, no sound, no marketing campaign can replace the huge power of a catchy tune, a deep felt and elaborated melody.

We all know this at heart, wether we are musicians or part of the audience. When former success of artists comes to nothing, it's not caused by reasons of fashion, of musician's age, of bad marketing campaigns. It is caused by the lack of melodies that enchant us, touch us, make us cry, sing along, and dance.

To search for and to find the finest melody has been the inmost longing throughout my life. It is a purpose that makes me extremely vulnerable, and often desperate. But at the end of the day, I'm suffused by gratitude and love.

So I hope I may be successful in touching you with my melodies, too.
I work every single day for it and would be glad if you would like to join me on this way.



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