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Vespertine Blooms

Vespertine Blooms Poster

A room in warm evening lighting, therein a woman reading some old letters. She is surrounded by keyed instruments, we see a man playing them – is he real or just a memory? Are they still in love or were they a couple in earlier times? Beyond the walls, around the house – is it still springtime or have the leaves already began to fall?

Dorota Bronikowska sings these songs about the various paths of love, and she is accompanied by Lyhrus playing several acoustic keys.


All Music & words by Lyhrus
Artwork by Lyhrus, artist photo by Bernd Blome

Concert dates


The road | feat. Dorota Bronikowska

Behind the glass | feat. Dorota Bronikowska

Farewell | feat. Dorota Bronikowska


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