Out of silence, all things emerge ...
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Atelier for Tunes

Dear music lover, I'm glad you came to visit me in my atelier. My name is Lyhrus, I'm a Berlin based composer, instrumentalist, and ensemble conductor. All my works, be it vocal, choral, instrumental, or electronic music arise from the spirit of song and melody. 
Working on compelling tunes these days seems to me like honouring a long forgotten art form while trying to transform it into something enchanting and new. – Dear visitor, if you have an eye, an ear, and the need for the finer details, I welcome you.
photo © Bernd Blome

Latest News

New album mastered

On 14th September I finished the mastering of a new album (working title Cinematic Suite). It assembles powerful anthemic pieces, drifting soundscapes, and music for …

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2nd Teaser Vespertine Blooms

This song is a special one: I think it is the only true love song I ever wrote, I love it’s unusual harmonic movements, it’s extraordinary length …

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Clock Works – New EP out now

As my new EP ClockWorks is out today, I would like to share some thoughts on a sound we all know from our childhood: the sound of music boxes.

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