Dear visitors.

Welcome to my atelier. As an artist it is my need to get people together and let them feel at home. This applies to you as music lovers and searchers for inspiration as well as to my artistic colleagues and friends I'm happy and grateful to work with.
This atelier shall be a place to assemble you all and make you acquainted with each other and with my music, my lyrics, my artistic visions. So please come in and feel free to roam all the sounding rooms and halls you may discover.

Yours, Lyhrus.

Latest News

2nd Teaser Vespertine Blooms

This song is a special one: I think it is the only true love song I ever wrote, I love it’s unusual harmonic movements, it’s extraordinary length …

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Clock Works – New EP out now

As my new EP ClockWorks is out today, I would like to share some thoughts on a sound we all know from our childhood: the sound of music boxes.

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Ensemble – New concert dates

Finally and hopefully we’re going to give some concerts with the Pilgrim Age programme again – together.

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