The Pilgrim Age

Concerts feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble –
Finest vocals. Piano. Harmonium. Celesta.

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The blossoms of yearning

I have many musical roots, but each delves into another soil. I love the chants of the european high culture as well as the hook lines of excellent pop songs or the electronic soundscapes of ambient music. I find my material in the melancholy of the Portuguese Fado as well as in the catchy tunes of the German Volkslied. The neo-classical cool of the Scandinavian north is in my music just as the whirling rush born from the Viennese Waltz.

Often, I don’t understand why this or that musical material comes into my mind, demanding to be used. As a composer I want to be not in the way but give a form to what flows up from the roots, edging towards the light. My task is to let it all blossom. These blossoms have many hues, many shapes. But they all are nourished by the spirit of melody – and by the yearning to be touched, to touch others, to touch you.

In this spirit, a warm welcome,


Some projects I'm currently working on


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Morpheus [working title]
Staged concert programme
further details to follow
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Cinematic symphony
further details to follow
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The Pilgrim Age
Album (CD/Streaming)
feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble
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Vespertine Blooms
A concert programme feat.
Dorota Bronikowska

photo © Bernd Blome


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