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The Lyhrus Ensemble

The Lyhrus Ensemble was founded by Lyhrus and Petra Koerdt in 2018. It consists of six classical trained professional vocalists.
- Juliane Kunzendorf, soprano
- Petra Koerdt, mezzo-soprano
- Isabel Felgenhauer, alto
- Matthias Eger, tenor
- Thomas Kalka, tenor
- Alexander Lust, bass

Lyhrus accompanies the singers with keyed instruments.
To be gifted with the willingness of some excellent singers who come together and engage with each other to perform my music is one of the biggest treasures in my artistic life.
It makes me humble and grateful to notice how they improve their musical harmony over time, and try to find ways to bridge their disparities to make the music blossom in the most beautiful way. 

– Lyhrus, spring 2023



[ note: until 2021, the Lyhrus Ensemble performed under the name of NOYA Ensemble ] 

Clair de lune | Concert teaser The Pilgrim Age (2022)

from: The passage | Concert trailer for Vigilia (2019)

Song: The Pilgrim Age | filmed in the St. Johannis cemetery Berlin (2020)

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