February 14, 2023

First Teaser Vespertine Blooms

[EDIT 3rd March 2023: As we found a mistake, we reworked the video and republished it today]

Three years ago Dorota Bronikowska, soprano singer and member of the Lyhrus Ensemble, and me almost started giving concerts with our Vespertine Blooms programme, but then a pandemic occurred ... At the beginning of this year, we decided to start anew – with a first rehearsal after those three years. We asked our close friend Alexander to film us during the complete rehearsal and this is one of the results: BEHIND THE GLASS. The melody is quite charming, but in the words there is kind of bitterness, which you find rather rarely in my lyrics. A certain tension rises from it, and that makes that song one of the favourites for both of us.

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