März 3, 2023

Clock Works – New EP out now

As my new EP ClockWorks is out today, I would like to share some thoughts on a sound we all know from our childhood: the sound of music boxes.

I always had a liking for them, but on ClockWorks they are just the working material. In the end, the music on Clock Works is about the mélancholy that comes over us when we are looking back and are faced with the fleetingness of childhood. It’s probably a risk creating a quite obviously childish and peaceful impression by using those catchy bell-tunes. The more so, as they are embedded in orchestral soundscapes from time to time. 

But I think one should dare to show things undisguised sometimes and maybe in a bit old-fashioned way, especially when it comes to feelings about our own childhood.

So I hope you like my five little treasures. You find them on all major streaming platforms, I assembled them on my linktr.ee/lyhrus. Enjoy!


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