October 12, 2023

Lyhric Edition online

During the last year I wrote music for the Lyhrus Ensemble, for NOYA Theater of Sound, for Lusorium Berlin as well as for several soloists and performed it together with them. As a result of our concerts I've got inquiries from other choirs and ensemble increasingly who want to use my music. So I brought the Lyhric Edition into being.

The Lyhric Edition offers digital and printed sheet music of many of my compositions, most of them provide audio examples. The edition is to be continued in the future.

If you would like to recommend pieces from our performances to your choir, or are looking for sheet music of my songs or piano pieces, you will find them here. When it comes to choirs, you get discounts of the sheet music related to the ordered number. The sheet music is downloadable directly from the Lyhrus Store, where you may find information about the parts, the difficulty level, duration, and more.

As for me, the Lyhric Edition is like giving something in return to all the people's time and esteem, who have been part of the performances during the last years.

Have fun with it!

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