May 19, 2024

Guest at 'Fette Stimmen'

In 2022, the cultural manager, singer, and voice junkie Wolfram Fette has started his exciting and inspiring podcast Fette Stimmen. He invites singers, teachers, managers, and other creatives from the classical scene, but also speakers or V.I.P.s like the former federal president of Germany, Christian Wulff (who is currently president of the German Choirs Association) to talk with him about their work, their joys, passions and sufferings as contributors of the cultural scene, especially when it comes to singing. 

In April 2024 it was a great honour for me to be Wolfram's guest at the 22nd episode of Fette Stimmen. We talked about new concert forms, silence as the new applause, an outstanding concert experience in the Muenster of Freiburg, as well as about my daily working process, and of course about my current project, the REQUIEM which is to be written for the Berlin Dome.

The podcast is in German language, enjoy it on SoundCloud.

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