On 14th September I finished the mastering of my new album (working title Cinematic Suite). It assembles powerful anthemic pieces, drifting soundscapes, and music for a glass harp ensemble. I will publish some exemplary tracks on Soundcloud while starting to offer it to music labels and publishers.

This song is a special one: I think it is the only true love song I ever wrote, I love it’s unusual harmonic movements, it’s extraordinary length (it is not a single second too long) and the spacious lines that allow Dorota to show every single color of her rich and beautiful voice.

As my new EP ClockWorks is out today, I would like to share some thoughts on a sound we all know from our childhood: the sound of music boxes.

I always had a liking for them, but on ClockWorks they are just the working material. In the end, the music on Clock Works is about the mélancholy that comes over us when we are looking back and are faced with the fleetingness of childhood. It’s probably a risk creating a quite obviously childish and peaceful impression by using those catchy bell-tunes. The more so, as they are embedded in orchestral soundscapes from time to time. 

But I think one should dare to show things undisguised sometimes and maybe in a bit old-fashioned way, especially when it comes to feelings about our own childhood.

So I hope you like my five little treasures. You find them on all major streaming platforms, I assembled them on my linktr.ee/lyhrus. Enjoy!

Finally and hopefully we’re going to give some concerts with the Pilgrim Age programme again – together. This is not obvious, as the singers performed without me last November, as I got caught by a well-known pandemic virus …
However, please have a look here to see the dates of three upcoming concerts. It would be a great pleasure to meet you then again!

[EDIT 3rd March 2023: As we found a mistake, we reworked the video and republished it today]

Three years ago Dorota Bronikowska, soprano singer and member of the Lyhrus Ensemble, and me almost started giving concerts with our Vespertine Blooms programme, but then a pandemic occurred … At the beginning of this year, we decided to start anew – with a first rehearsal after those three years. We asked our close friend Alexander to film us during the complete rehearsal and this is one of the results: BEHIND THE GLASS. The melody is quite charming, but in the words there is kind of bitterness, which you find rather rarely in my lyrics. A certain tension rises from it, and that makes that song one of the favourites for both of us.

Today I published the first teaser for my new EP ClockWorks, which is about to be released in early 2023. It contains a few seconds from ‘Knell’ which is part of the new EP.


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