Clock Works

For music boxes, dulcitones, celesta, orchestra, and electronics
Admittedly, I always had a liking for the sound of music boxes, glockenspiels, celestas, dulcitones, as well as for the musical aspects of ticking clocks and their mechanical noises. I think this is because of the gentle, pure, and soft sound of the swinging, clicking, and grinding metal pieces and this being very close while listening to them.
But this is just the surface, the working material. In fact, the music in ClockWorks is about the melancholy, the sadness that comes over when we are faced with the fugaciousness of childhood. To set this in music, it's probably a risk creating a quite obviously childish and peaceful impression by using those catchy bell-tunes. The more so, as they are partly embedded in orchestral and electronic soundscapes like being hugged by parental arms.
But I think one should dare to show things undisguised and maybe a bit old-fashioned sometimes, especially when it comes to feelings about our own childhood or the childhood of those we love.
01 Knell
02 Jolly
03 Sleep
04 Ballerina
05 Rain
All music written, arranged, recorded, and mastered by Lyhrus
Original photo and cover design by Lyhrus
Release date
March 3, 2023
Lyhrus/Record Jet

Album Teaser

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