Das Winterbett

Lusorium Freiburg (2003)
Das Winterbett (The Winter Bed) is a nocturne about the composer and murderer Carlo Gesualdo based on the novel Tynset by Wolfgang Hildesheimer and historic events.

The night of October 17th  1590: Carlo Gesualdo, prince of Venosa, surprises his wife and her lover. His revenge is cruel. He murders both of them still in bed and mutilates their corpses. 
Yet Carlo Gesualdo is not only the savage murderer as experienced by the audience listening to a spatial radio play . He also is a significant composer – alternating with scenes of the radio play the chamber choir sings his madrigals and responsories. In between: the toughts of a man. Centuries after the rage he lies in the bed where the murder occurred – the Winter Bed. Who is that man and what kind of a linking is it between him and the composer and murderer Gesualdo?


Conception. Book. Spatial Radio Plays
Manfred Loritz
aus 'Tynset' (1965) von Wolfgang Hildesheimer
Original Score
Carlo Gesualdo di Venosa (1566-1613)
Tómas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611)
Christuskirche Freiburg, 29 & 31 January 2003
Ullo von Peinen - Scenical Recitation
John Sheppard Ensemble - Choral music
(Johannes Tolle - direction)
Sound & Light
Spatial Radio Play: Lyhrus
Light: Manfred Loritz
Technical assistance Gottfried Vosgerau
Spatial Radio Play – Speakers
Das Fürstengrab (speaker): Martin Magestro
Carlo Gesualdo: Stefano Carrera
Bardotti: Klaus A. Kiewert / Michele Mascia
Maria d'Avalos: Caroline Lang
Silvia: Ruth Mader-Koltay / Katharina Meyer
Katharina Meyer, Lyhrus
Wolfgang Hildesheimer: Tynset
Selection and Editing: Lyhrus, Ullo von Peinen
All rights: Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin
Caroline Lang, Leonardo Madonia, Stefano Carrera
Katharina Meyer
Public Relations
Katharina Meyer


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