feat. Five Chamber Choirs
In these times of war
on battlefields and in the hearts
let us come together
for all that makes us human.


It is a great pleasure for me and my artistic friends to invite you to a special journey:
for the period of one year, join us in several concerts in Berlin, Potsdam, and Lübeck, follow us on social media, and watch the growth of my new composition Requiem, written for six choirs and vocal ensembles.
Meet the artists and other members of our audience during and after the concerts.
And maybe play yourself a singing part in the premiere of the whole Requiem on 22nd November 2025 in the Berlin Cathedral.

Please visit the project website to get all information and media.
Concert I
16th November 2024 | Osterkirche Berlin
Bessiner Kammerchor, Lyhrus Ensemble, dir. Nils Jensen
Concert II
22th March 2025 | Französische Kirche Potsdam
Kammerchor ChorWerk Potsdam, Lyhrus Ensemble, dir. Hans-Joachim Lustig
Concert III
20th September 2025 | KulturRaum Zwinglikirche Berlin
Kammerchor Canzoneo, Lyhrus Ensemble, dir. Nils Jensen
Concert IV
11th October 2025 | Herz Jesu-Kirche Lübeck
Kammerchor I Vocalisti, Lyhrus Ensemble, dir. Hans-Joachim Lustig
Concert V
22th November 2025 | Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral)
Bessiner Kammerchor, Canzoneo, ChorWerk Potsdam, I Vocalisti,
Lyhrus Ensemble, Cantus Berlin
dir. Hans-Joachim Lustig & Nils Jensen
Premiere of the completed work

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