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The Pilgrim Age (CD)


We enter the sound space of a spanish cathedral, filled with voices of countless visitors. Some single steps emerge from the noise, slowly, dragging, arduous, yet unerring and unwavering. A guardian, a priest, a monk, or even a ghost? ... The sound of a key ring, a secret door opens for the old man, and closes behind him.

The silence behind is fresh and current, yet born of the centuries. Out of this silence, the music emerges, the sounds of Pearls of dew, ot Roam the house all night, of Clair de lune ... Wir follow the old man to other secret places in this sanctuary, apart from the touristic hubbub. We listen to the polyphonic chants of the Lyhrus Ensemble and to the contemplative tunes of instruments, that were built long before their player came into the world.

And in the end, the music returns to silence again – like the old man returns to the cathedral. He crosses it slowly, yet unerring and unwavering, back from his daily ritual, his daily source of life.


  1. Striking of the hour / The sanctuary of the priest [1:41]
  2. Pearls of dew (1st verse) [0:51]
  3. A pilgrim's melody I [3:17]
  4. A breeze of decay [3:22]
  5. Roam the house all night [5:33]
  6. Chanson d'amour [3:25]
  7. Pearls of dew (2nd verse) [0:54]
  8. Holy tune [5:16]
  9. A pilgrim's melody II [2:53]
  10. The fountain [2:39]
  11. Out of silence [4:40]
  12. (Theme from) Wanderer [1:49
  13. Clair de lune [7:43]
  14. Courtiers of art [2:55]
  15. A pilgrim's melody III [3:00]
  16. Pearls of dew (3rd verse) [0:59]
  17. Striking of the hour [2:37]

[total duration: 53:42]

A moment may come
somewhere along the path of your life
When you wonder
If you found the cathedral
Of all your hopes and dreams.

But at the end of the pilgrimage
At the end of all days
You only will be asked
if you found the path
that was destined for you.

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