The Banquet

NOYA Theater of Sound (2019)
The Banquet is a staged concert for a singer, a choir, a glass harp ensemble, and two actors.

An old ballroom, not used anymore for a long time.
La Solitude lives here and arranges flowers for ceremonies that just happen in her memory. A friend comes along from time to time, he served as a butler for the guests in more glamorous days. 
But tonight, after all those years, a party shall take place again in the ballroom! 

The butler guides the servants in and tells them to clear the signs of decay.Musici ans appear, their pieces are practised and sung by the whole staff. Warm light suffuses the hall and the doom gives way to an anticipatory excitement.


All music and lyrics

Concept, set design & stage building
Members of NOYA Panoptikum

Osterkirche Berlin, November, 16th, 22nd, 23rd 2019
NOYA Chorus & NOYA Glass Harp Ensemble
Lyhrus, director
Electronic & acoustic keyed instruments
Petra Koerdt
La Solitude
Johannina Wenk
Hans-Joachim Ruhr

Main rehearsal

– All photos © Miriam Klingl –
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