Book of hours

NOYA Theater of Sound (2018)
I played those sounds ... and suddenly I dreamt to be at a nocturnal site with ancient walls, gardens, cross vaults. I saw myself strolling under arcades , entering cool buildings, stepping up and down broad stairways.  
Several pianos were in empty rooms, I saw myself playing them. There were clocks and other mechanical devices, which began to run as if by magic while I passed them.
And voices reached me from distant hallways. Voices from singers, from choirs, it was an enchanting roundelay of hymns and long forgotten chorales.

I roamed this dream-born theatre of pictures, noises, and music the whole night. And again and again, I returned to those empty rooms with me myself playing the pianos – while listening to the songs coming from distant hallways.
[Dream report of a musician]

The book of hours is a concert programme for choir in spatial positioning, electronic and acoustic keyed instruments, and a glass harp ensemble. 
All embedded in a dimmed dreamlike lighting.


Conception, all music, lighting

Osterkirche Berlin, 17th, 23rd, 24th November 2018
NOYA Chorus, NOYA Glassharps
Lyhrus, direction

Electronic and acoustic instruments

Main rehearsal

– All photos © Miriam Klingl –
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