The Garden

Lusorium Berlin (2009)
The Garden is a nocturnal play, a mystery, emerging from a magic realm between life and death, between reality and myth. 

Five story lines take us to five countries. We meet a Norwegian clock maker in his lonely housing, we roam a water cave system in Turkey, enter an archive for historic voice recordings in Germany, are part of the family in a french musician's household, and dive into the heat and the noise of a Spanish gambling den. 

The people there are different, but they have one in common – a deep longing to conquer new frontiers in their lives. 

Beyond those frontiers, from a forgotten mythic place, two angels observe them. These angels are the last ones of the legendary cherubs which were placed at the gates of the Garden of Eden to guard it after the expulsion of the first humans. 
The angels feel a longing, too: not to get left behind at their place in the middle of nowhere, not to get lost like all the others of their kind.

So one of the angels decides to enter the world of the human beings and to leave marks there – vestiges to guide the human beings back to the secret garden, ignoring the divine prohibition.  


Conception. Creation of the Spatial Radio Play
(24 channels)
Jean-Jacques Hoffner, Gerhard Rehbein, Christiane Hoffner, Helga Rehbein a.o.
Lighting & video titles
Thomas Ploentzke

Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche Berlin, 14 / 15 / 20 / 21 November 2009

LUMOON – ensemble for nocturnal music
Esther Kaiser - Jazz soprano
Christiane Mikoleit - classical soprano
Kristofer Benn - Jazz baritone
Maximilian Bahr, Jonas Fehrenberg - guitars
Paula Sell - accordeon
Simon Lohss - bass
Charly Köhn, Johannes Schneider, Nils Velte - drums

Glass harps (64 glasses on 13 tables)
Nazli Bagci, Janet Glatzer, Jolan Köhler, Lucie Lohse, Mareike Michalke, Benjamin Runge, Jeanine Schadow, Sophie Schnider, Lorna Schütte, Denise Schulz, Laura Thedja, Tobias Wringe, Annika Ziegler 
(students of the Bertha-von-Suttner-Oberschule Berlin)

Live sound
Direction: Holger Schwark
Justus Beyer, Simon Böttler, Teresa Kunz, Johannes Müller, Henrike Zeller (students of the Sound Engineer Institute at the UdK Berlin)

Controlling Spatial Sound Installation
Brian Krüger
Plot: Lyhrus, Torsten Krüger
Script: Torsten Krüger
Script Advisors: Mark Kleber, Stefanie Peyk, Alexia Lingenheld a.o.

Speakers Spatial Radio Play
Angels: Mark Kleber
Prologue: Derya Takkali, Sylvain Hoffner
German Episode: Ilse Junge, Olaf Baden, Stefanie Peyk, Alexander Nachama
French Episode: Mariam Kalaf, Caroline Fischer, Alexia Lingenheld, Anne Waelbroeck
Norwegian Episode: Bjarte Alvestad, Jana Eder
Turkish Episode: Güliz Yazicioglu, Derya Takkali, Sabriye Yildirim, Serdan Gül
Spanish Episode: Rosaorio Jimenez, Néstor Perdo, June Telletxea, Xavier Ballester

Joachim Kallevig, Alexia Lingenheld, Güliz Yazicioglu, Inma González, Anna Domenech

Gernot Kolberg

Stefanie Peyk & Alexia Lingenheld

Main rehearsal

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