The Pilgrim Age

feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble (2022/23)
The concert programme The Pilgrim Age merges filigree six-part vocal music with melodic pieces for piano, harmonium, and celesta. The lyrics of the vocal pieces ask for the deeper meanings of the 'pilgrimage of life' in the light of memento mori.
Embedded in a dimmed nocturnal lighting, the performance aims to a contemplative listening experience for both the musicians and the audience.
All music and lyrics written by Lyhrus (except Clair de lune, words by Paul Verlaine)

Numerous concert performances since October 2021
The Lyhrus Ensemble
Juliane Kunzendorf/Dorota Bronikowska (soprano)
Petra Koerdt, Isabel Felgenhauer (altos)
Matthias Eger, Thomas Kalka (Tenors)
Alexander Lust (Bass)
Lyhrus (Keyed instruments)

Piano technician: Carsten Schulz

Published on CD/Download/Streaming.
CD available in the Lyhrus Store.


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