The Pilgrim Age

feat. The Lyhrus Ensemble
We enter the sound space of a spanish cathedral, filled with voices of countless visitors. Some single steps emerge from the noise, slowly, dragging, arduous, yet unerring and unwavering. A guardian, a priest, a monk, or even a ghost? ... The sound of a key ring, a secret door opens for the old man, he enters a chapel, the door closes again.
The silence in the chapel is born of the centuries. Out of this silence, the music emerges, the sounds of Pearls of dew, ot Roam the house all night, of Clair de lune ... 

We listen to the polyphonic chants of the Lyhrus Ensemble and to the contemplative tunes of instruments, that were built long before their player came into the world.

And in the end, the music returns to silence again – like the old man returns to the cathedral. He crosses it slowly, yet unerring and unwavering, back from his daily ritual, his daily source of life.
01 Striking of the hour / The sanctuary of the priest
Rosewood Chapel
02 Pearls of dew (1st verse)
03 A pilgrim's melody I
04 A breeze of decay
05 Roam the house all night
06 Chanson d'amour
07 Pearls of dew (2nd verse)
08 Holy tune
09 A pilgrim's melody II
Cloistery courtyard
10 The fountain
11 Out of silence
Rosewood Chapel
12 (Theme from) Wanderer
13 Clair de lune
14 Courtiers of art
15 A pilgrim's melody III
16 Pearls of dew (3rd verse)
17 Striking of the hour
Music & Lyrics
All music and audio scenes composed by Lyhrus
All lyrics by Lyhrus except Clair de lune lyrics by Paul Verlaine
The Lyhrus Ensemble
Ensemble pieces recorded by Alexander Konieczka at the SzaS Potsdam. Additional recording by Martin Offik at the Osterkirche Berlin
Solo pieces and audio scenes recorded, edited, and mixed by Lyhrus at Rosewood Studio Berlin
Mastered by Stefan Noltemeyer
Piano technician: Carsten Schulz
Original photo by Miriam Kling, photo editing by Lyhrus / AI, sleeve design by Lyhrus
Release date
July 21, 2022
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