The Rosewood Chapel

feat. NOYA Ensemble (2020)
The Rosewood Chapel (or The Passage)
Concert programme for 8-part vocal group and keyed instruments. 
All music and lyrics written by Lyhrus.

There was just one concert of this programme, it took place in February 2021 in the Osterkirche in Berlin, a few days before the global pandemic stopped the public life.
The NOYA Ensemble
Dorota Bronikowska, Luise Bestehorn (sopranos)
Petra Koerdt, Isabel Felgenhauer (altos)
Matthias Eger, Thomas Kalka (Tenors)
Caspar James, Alexander Lust (Basses)
Lyhrus (Keyed instruments)

Stage Design & Lighting by Lyhrus
Assistance and Video shots: Alexander Lust

Rehearsal Cuts

– Videos © Alexander Lust, Lyhrus –

Premiere Concert

– All photos © Miriam Klingl –
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