Vespertine Blooms

feat. Dorota Bronikowska
A room in warm evening lighting, therein a woman reading some old letters. There is an old piano, we see a man playing it – is he real or just a memory? Are both still in love or were they a couple in earlier times? Beyond the walls, around the house – is it still springtime or have the leaves already began to fall?

Vespertine Blooms is a song cycle about the various paths of love. Dorota Bronikowska sings these melodious and contemplative tunes and she is accompanied by Lyhrus playing piano.
All music and words written by Lyhrus.
Concept & Stage Design by Lyhrus and Dorota Bronikowska.
Assistance and Video shots: Alexander Lust

Soprano Dorota Bronikowska is member the Choir of the Opera Leipzig and since 2019 of the Lyhrus Ensemble, too.

Since April 2023

Rehearsal Cuts

– Before the premiere –

Premiere Performance

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