Due to Corona, Dorota (1st soprano in my NOYA Ensemble) and me had to postpone our planned concerts ›The Vespertine Blooms‹ and to find new ways to bring it's music to our audience. So we began to record some of the songs and this is the first one in that series.

We worked on the music separated most of the time. Dorota sent me some bare recordings to show the way she would like to sing the song, I replied, encouraging (and, to be honest, sometimes discouraging ...), helping, explaining. I myself recorded the arrangement in my studio in Berlin, but was unsatisfied with the results for a long time. Eventually, I went to Leipzig by train (with as much studio equipment I could carry) and there we made what one would call a 'home-recording' (which is actually a no-go for professional demands, but in these times who cares about professional demands).
But suddenly we noticed that things began to fit: her singing, my arrangement, the pictures for the movie. Back in Berlin, Torsten, a good partner-in-sound of mine, gave me some crucial hints that pushed the song from a rather undecided classical song-like something to a real pop-song.

The video provides the lyrics of the song, too. Though I try to face what life holds every day, ›The road‹ is a song about the timid part inside of me and kind of a reminder not to bury ourselves when a dream has died.



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