First modular

As I would like to control my electronic music in the concerts and in the studio more by treating and wiggling knobs and faders – the analogue way that is – I started to experiment with some modular components. I'm curious where it might lead me...



As we cannot rehearse or give concerts at the moment you're invited to follow me into the archives: 23 videos (so far) produced since 2016 will take you in my workshop of melody and sound. I call it EUPHONOLOGY (which means something like 'The art of making beautiful sound'): Short electronic and acoustic video trailers, little movies, that hopefully make you dreaming, laughing, smiling. 
I'm going to publish the videos in a successive way, one to two per week, to accompany you on your way home or to work or wherever you are. I recommend earphones as I regard you as music lovers with an ear for the finer details.



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